Sometimes we don’t invest enough time in truly knowing the people we work with. Those of you who know me will be amused to learn that I discovered only today that my colleague Guy Beaver wrote the novel linked here. I think its fair to say that I reside comfortably in his target audience. And the cause is worthy. So go buy it already…

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This is a wildly bad solution to a real problem. Addressing the issue that people blindly trust news sources online that they shouldn’t by handing them a list of Bad Websites and telling them to blindly trust it is Not Helpful. At a minimum: present examples of why a given site is being flagged for a certain offense (the list has four categories) and allow readers to judge whether it has been assessed accurately.


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This is actually fairly awesome.

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Saw this and thought of you, Kate Arms. You’ve either seen it ages ago and its old hat, or you’ll likely spend hours staring at it…

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Saw this and thought of you, Kate Arms. You’ve either seen it ages ago and its old hat, or you’ll likely spend hours staring at it…

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Saw this and thought of you, Kate Arms. You’ve either seen it ages ago and its old hat, or you’ll likely spend hours staring at it…

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