I’ve been following Puerto Rico recovery efforts closely, especially the work of the US Army Corps of Engineers on their ‘Emergency Power Mission’. They have been extremely transparent in publishing detailed information on their work, but I’ve been baffled that all their activity seemed focused on generators / temporary fixes — I could see no progress really being made on power restoration of the actual grid in Puerto Rico. Was that work just being tracked on some other map I wasn’t aware of or they weren’t pubilcizing? Nope. But now I now why I wasn’t seeing it – it didn’t exist. This is a clusterf*** of epic proportions, and I guarantee it has directly led to increased misery up to and including American citizens in Puerto Rico dying who didn’t have to. I hope there is hell to pay when the dust settles.

Puerto Rico Turns to Unproven Montana Company for Massive Power Restoration Job

, But No One Knows Why | The Weather Channel via http://ift.tt/2gkWvmo