Getting no linkin’ love today.

Getting no linkin’ love today. I definitely got a little punchdrunk on the hits of Instapower and Kauspower over the past week. But now, alas, traffic has dropped down to more sane levels. But I note many folks dropping by with no referrals — does that mean, heavens to Betsy, that people are actually coming back after having been here once?

Geez, you’d think you would learn.

So what does a guy have to do around here to get some linkage, man? We’ve got it all here at TTLB. We’ve got a serious project to improve the security of our nation. We’ve got pretentious, pseudo-literary musings on the BBS society of the ’80s. We’ve got concise, to the point referrals to pretty pictures, and historical comparisons between World War II and the War On Terror.

Heck, now I’m even throwing in the obligatory snarky comments about Richard Bennett and Andrew Sullivan, and I can’t even get them to throw a “this guy’s an asshole” link my way.

My fianc