Okay, as promised,I read the

Okay, as promised, read the transcript of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on the National Commission on Terrorism in June 2000 . It isn’t that interesting.

But what is interesting is that I managed to find the Commission’s full report online.

I’m reading it full through now, but at first blush, I’d say that it did indeed make many of the recommendations that we’re seeing discussed now back in 2000. I’ll have a more detailed analysis up later this weekend, but until now, you can check out the report itself (it is quite readable, with a nice executive summary and clearly bullet-pointed recommendations. Makes sense; it was written to be understood by Congresscritters, after all. )

Update: I found another, presumably ‘official’ copy of the report here on a .gov server. This version is broken up with a table of contents that routes to PDF files, so I’m leaving the other link up too as it is in more straightforward HTML. I have not attempted any serious verification to check if they are word-for-word identical.

Also: My more detailed followup ain’t going to be ready this weekend; it is turning into a more involved piece. Sorry, but hopefully the end result will be worth the wait.