Tonight on FOX: Who Wants

Tonight on FOX: Who Wants to Marry a Terrorist?

Corner (whose permalink seems busted, but whose main page is here) points out a story in a Portuguese newspaper which describes one of the 13 Church of the Nativity exiles as “Single, with a free house and a reliable allowance, all he needs is a bride”, quoting a PA spokescritter as stating: “He is not married, he does not have a girlfriend. We are looking for a bride for him.”

David Grant, call your office! This is a reality show begging to happen. “We’ve provided this handsome gunman with twelve sexy infidel daughters of the Great Satan. Which will he choose to make his bride?”

This is totally Lair’s schtick, so I leave it to him to pick up from here…

By the way, in poking around for this piece I came across this page from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides detail on exactly who each of the 13 men are and what they are accused of. It’s not an objective source, of course. But it provides a convincing level of detail (even includes sources, in some cases) and frankly, I’m far more inclined to take the Israeli’s statements at face value than those of the PA. I would, however, like to see a similar document from the PA perspective (or any other opposing view) — so if it anyone has a pointer, send it my way. You don’t have to agree with it, just pass it on, I’ll post it, and intelligent people can make up their own minds. The wonders of a free market of ideas in action, baby.