Taking My Own AdviceSometimes, the

Taking My Own Advice

Sometimes, the obvious thing to do just slips by me unnoticed, and I have to go running after it to catch up.

I may not be an A-lister, but I have been getting a heck of a lot of traffic recently. And so I do have the ability to take my own advice, and direct a little attention on the lesser-known spots of the blogosphere.

So, my blogrolling scan this morning will be from the bottom up. Today’s links shall be devoted to the microbes of the Blogosphere. Sorry Glenn, Andrew; Stephen — you boys all got enough linkin’ lovin’ coming your way; it’s time to shed some light on the little guys.

And where better to start than at the absolute bottom of the food chain? is a specialty blog devoted to — what else — nanotech. I haven’t paid nearly enough attention to nanotech in recent years, other than to note that practical uses of the technology seem to become more and more likely every year. I’ll definitely be returning to Nanodot to dive deep and refresh my science-fiction addled mind with the latest realworld developments…