Wanted: good flaming liberal blogOK,

Wanted: good flaming liberal blog

OK, I’m doing my little lesser-known-blogroll scan, and running across quite a few good neocon / libertarian blogs.

But what about the left? I have an urge to link to some good liberal thoughts. (Anybody reading this page consistently will probably recognize that I might well disagree with said thoughts, but that’s what open debate is all about).


– Must be a ‘small’ or ‘new’ blog. A squishy requirement to be defined by me as I see fit, but let’s put it this way: TAPPED need not apply.
– Must be a self-professed liberal or lefty. Libertarian doesn’t count. Bonus points if you actually claim to be a socialist.
– Well articulated, intelligent argument is key. As mentioned, I don’t have to agree with you, but I do have to conclude that you’re not an idiot.

Nominate yourself or someone else by me an email. But fair warning: I don’t promise to link to you, but I do promise to at least check out your page.