Note: This post was seriously

Note: This post was seriously wrong the first time I wrote it, so it has been rewritten heavily. Sorry!

Ok, I’m still examining Bradford DeLong’s weblog to see if it gets the totally-un-sought-after, not-particularly-valuable, and overall generally dubious honor of being the TTLB Leftie Blog of the Week, but he definitely gets a link for his referral to The Poor Man’s post The Cornier, in which TPM shows us what the conservative bloggers over at NRO are really thinking. A small sample:


Slate claims to get 3 million different hits a year. Well, I’m certainly not one to begrudge another’s success, but whoop-dee-doo-da! I mean, Slate just gives away all their content free! I mean, so do we, but Slate gives it away on a Microsoft site. If The Cornier was on Microsoft, we’d get like 3 million hits every single day! Probably half the people who go there are fat middle-aged housewives trying to go to MSN’s Special Valentine’s Day Soft-Focus Soap-Opera Porn Sex Quiz, but too drunk off of Arbor Mist lemon-lime Chardonney at four in the afternoon to hit the right link. And Mickey Kaus is gonna regret it when MS goes under and he lives in a box under a bridge. Maybe he can write his blogs on a cardboard sign he uses to panhandle traffic on the interstate! Try THAT information superhighway, sell-out! Not that I’m jealous at all. And not that there’s any such thing as homelessness.

Beautiful. Surely someone must have linked to this gem before me, no?

Addendum: By the way, lest you think Prof. Delong is simply a goofball, he also provides quite a bit of serious political & economic analysis as well. Not suprising, since he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Clinton administration.