There aren’t too many rules

There aren’t too many rules here at TTLB, but one I generally follow is this: Make me laugh out loud, and you get a link. So when I hit this:

ORRIN JUDD to think that my article talking about the greater danger posed by neuroscience relative to cloning means that I have something in common with Francis Fukuyama. Well, at an appropriate level of abstraction, I do. We’re both carbon-based bipeds.

it gets linked. Even if it’s Glenn, and he really doesn’t need it. Read the whole note; Glenn is proving yet again why he’s top of the heap: the man can cram more intelligent prose into a minor rebuttal to someone else’s foolish post than some essayists have in an entire collection of works. And I couldn’t care less if that makes me sound like a suck-up; rest assured I’ll be there to tweak Prof R’s tail next time he slips up, too…