Lest anyone think I’m closed-minded,

anyone think I’m closed-minded, let me state it clearly: TTLB is a forum for all opinions.

All opinions, as used in that sentence, are defined as:

1) My opinions

2) Opinions of people I think are intelligent or are at least old friends of mine

A slight revision on the Webster’s standard definition of “all”, I grant you, but I make the rules around here, as I think I’ve mentioned.

With that firmly established, I present to you an opinion that falls in Category #2, from someone who wishes to remain anonymous — let’s just call her L.

L, who is both intelligent and an old friend, put up with me during my high school days and that should at least earn her one free soapbox here at TTLB. She is, in addition, a card-caryin’, tree-huggin’, Democratic-votin’ flaming-and-proud-of-it liberal. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Er, wait a minute, maybe there — well, nevermind.

Anyway, L chastised me severely for the original Creative Dream Team posts, pointing out (accurately) that it was a fairly impressive list of Old White Guys. Why no chicks? (Ok, she didn’t use the word “chicks”; I think she said “dames” or “broads”). All are welcome, I responded, but nobody nominated any. So I challenged her to throw her fave’s into the fray.

Well, weeks passed, and I finally goaded her into providing a brief blurb, at least, for her nomination for a wise lady we should pay attention to: Molly Ivins. L writes as follows:

“Looking for left-leaning comments? Then, please, read the latest from Molly Ivins, one of the best and most straightforward commentators from the left/centrist political spectrum. Her latest article about the Administration’s refusal to enact any reforms to diminish the effect of global warming are on target. At least the Bushies acknowledge that humans cause global warming.”

Well, there you have it! Commence link following, or at least commence standard blogospheric conservative Ivins bashing. As always, comments that sufficiently amuse will get posted… but be nice! L’s an old friend, as I said, and anyone caught being mean to her will anger the bear.

PS – With this, I think TTLB has now completed its ideological loop-de-loop round to the liberal side of the world. I better start linking to The Corner again quick before people start getting ideas…