A Post About Something That

A Post About Something That Isn’t On Fire — With Special Bonus Nomenclature !

VodkaGuy, clearly befuddled by the unending dilemma of whether he wants to be or Paul Wolfowitz when he grows up, misses the lead in his takedown this morning of accused “dirty-bomber” Jose Padilla.

VP cites Padilla’s impressive rap sheet (Chicago gang member, assault, etc.) as evidence that al Qaeda will take anybody — as opposed to our fine U.S. Marine Corps, who are of course looking simply for a few good men.

What VP forgets, however, is that to the Islamofascists, a disregard for human life, violent behavior, and a general lack of morality are assets. Viewed through that lens, Perdillo is imminently qualified.

By the way: let’s drop the tag “dirty-bomber”. There’s a much better moniker to stick on Padilla and his ilk : wannabomber.

I think it summarizes both the facts of his (alleged) intentions, and also nicely captures the pathetic, cowardly loserdom inherent in a man — or at least, a male human, not a man — who would seek to kill innocents in such a manner.

It’s a nice generic term, too, and can be applied with equal validity to the Palestinian murderers-to-be who are caught before they can carry out their attacks, and (with even greater enjoyment) to those who accidentally blow themselves up before they can harm any women and children…

Update: I goofed and got the wannabomber’s name wrong. The error has now been corrected; thanks to Kevin at Flyover for pointing it out.