Shameless plea for validationOkay, I’ll

Shameless plea for validation

Okay, I’ll admit it. I paid $5 to Weblog Review for them to get off their butts and get around to reviewing my site. I’m a narcissist, and I was curious what they’d have to say.

Well, turns out they said nice things, rating TTLB at 4.5 out of 5. Which is great.

But then, some meanies decided to cast their own votes on the site, and they don’t seem to like this bear much at all. My average “user” vote is 2.5, with only two votes cast. And that… well, that just hurts my feelings. Sniff.

So if only to stroke my pathetic ego: go vote! Unless of course you think I suck, in which case: don’t !

I think you have to register, but it’s free and relatively painless, so it’s a small price for you to pay for… well, for me.