I Don’t Like Monday(s)Sigh. You

I Don’t Like Monday(s)

Sigh. You just can’t make this level of corporate stupidity up. The consulting arm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which apparently got tired of people not understanding why they should be capitalizing letters in the middle of word, is changing its name to “Monday”.

Apparently, Saturday, Sunday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday were all taken.

From :

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp WHAT MONDAY MEANS

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Monday is a fresh start, a positive
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp attitude, part of everyone’s life.

From the far-too-gentle Michele Cantara, Gartner Group analyst:

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”I think they were looking for the name to convey change and a new start, and while it does that, I think it has some negative connotations.”

You think so, do you?

I guess I have to put a disclaimer here that I work for a company that sometimes competes with the-company-soon-to-be-known-as-Monday. And we have a much better name.

One final thought: Aren’t they going to have some problems leveraging any sort of copyright or trademark rights on the name “Monday” ? And I’m going to guess that Bob Geldof isn’t going to be writing their corporate jingle…

Update: Amish Tech Support has the definitive analogy for PwC’s unique naming decision.