OK, the Ecosystem is fixed

OK, the Ecosystem is fixed now. Sorry for the confusion. The problem was that I have a step in the process where I filter out links that a weblog has to itself ; I missed that step in yesterday’s run, so everyone’s totals were higher than they should have been. A big thanks to Jeff over at Wisdom for drawing my attention to the error.

Sigh. I’d really like to fully automate this process; this will become easier after I complete the move to the new domain, as I’ll have full access to UNIX scripting capabilities. And incidentally: if any script gurus out there like this project and want to help, I’d be thrilled to get a helping hand. I can provide a full design of exactly what needs to happen, and you can use Perl, shell scripts or whatever other weapon of choice you like to implement it. There will be no money, but on your deathbed, you will receive eternal conciousness.

Whoops, forgot again: I’m not the Dali Lama. Well, maybe you’ll get a permanent link or something.

Anyway, as one additional step to help those folks who are puzzled as to why they are where they are on the list, I’m publishing the raw list of links in a zipped ASCII text file here. Please don’t click on it unless you are really trying to debug; I’m starting to run high on bandwidth this month. But if you are genuinely trying to figure out why you are where you are, check the list and it’ll give you a place to start. The file simply shows source weblog in the first column, and destination weblog in the second column for each link.

Sorry again…