In case anybody had any

In case anybody had any doubts remaining that Colin got his hat handed to him with Bush’s speech last night, here’s a revealing quote from Raghida Dergham, senior diplomatic correspondent for the Arab newspaper Al Hayat, during her appearance on WBUR radio’s The Connection this morning (RealAudio style=”margin-left: 25″>”Instead of listening to his Secretary of State, Colin Powell who actually — two weeks ago I guess it was when I interviewed him — I sat with him for a half hour and he had a very extensive discussion with me on what should we be expecting of the American strategic policy. And everything he said — practically almost everything has been reversed by the President. That is quite embarassing and its an insult to our Secretary of State too for the President to just send him out on a limb and then [come] out with this so-called strategic policy and side with the Prime Minister of Israel.”

Yeah, I doubt Colin’s having too good a day today.

Paging Tim Noah: The O’Neil Death Watch never quite worked out: is it time for a Powell Watch ?

(To be clear: although Ms. Dergham works for Al-Hayat, a pan-Arab, Arabic language newspaper, her bio indicates that she is an American, so the “our Secretary of State” comment is not the Arab Freudian slip that it might appear to be).

PS – Unfortunately, WBUR doesn’t appear to have a transcript for the program posted, so you’ll have to rely on the RealAudio. The quoted comment is at about nineteen minutes in.