Blogging has been light

Blogging has been light, and it’s late and I’m tired. But I feel the obligation to catch up a bit here, so here’s the quick capsule Bear Truth on all the latest issues:

Bush Speech: Dug it — groovy riffs and a beat you can dance to, all the way from Ramallah to Riyadh.

Lilo and Stitch: Still haven’t seen it, damnit.

Pledge of Allegiance Ruling: Two thumbs up. People are saying this is trivial, but it’s not. Given that we are in the middle of a war against religious facism, I think its vital to refresh our own memories that we are a secular society. I have no opinion on the legal basis (or lack thereof) of the ruling, but it feels right to me. And to those who say “what’s next, getting rid of ‘in God we trust’ on money? I say “yup”, and good riddance. The sign says “shall make no law respecting” and I for one would be happier if we took it for what it meant. The whole “but God is as generic concept” argument is nonsense — just ask a polytheist.

Worldcom: Hey, everybody makes mistakes. This one just had nine zeros after it.

World Cup Finals: Huh?

That is all.