We like to call it “Urbal Renewal”

OK, I was about to declare posting done until the relaunch, but damn:
The Israeli army has destroyed most of the Palestinian Authority’s local headquarters in the West Bank town of Hebron, which it says has been used as a refuge by 15 wanted militants.
Soldiers and bulldozers are working their way through the rubble of the building looking for the Palestinians. No-one has been found – dead or alive – according to Israeli officials…
The Israeli army said it had used more than a ton of explosives in the operation. It left an enormous pile of rubble and overturned cars.

That’s from BBC report; but its all over, pick the news outlet of your choice.
One aspect that’s kind of subtle in the story is that the Israelis permitted a PA negotiator to enter the compound to attempt to discuss an end to the siege. When he returned, he claimed he found nobody to talk to.

Nobody in there who wants to talk about a peaceful settlement? Well OK then…. BOOM.
I can’t help but wonder if he was lying… thinking perhaps he might buy time for his buddies….?
The technical term for that strategy in this situation would be, of course, “Whooops.”
In the same story, you should also note towards the bottom this passage, which should exactly how serious the PA was about constraining Hamas:
In the Gaza Strip on Friday, the spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, joined more than 1,000 Palestinians at a rally.
It was his first appearance in public since he was put under house arrest a week ago.
Palestinian police at the demonstration made no attempt to detain Sheikh Yassin.
He is reported to have said that he was unaware of any order restricting his movements.

In other words: not very.