Rupert Giles! You… will… be… EXTERMINATED!

OK, to all those kind folks who have been on the opposite side of the ‘Pledge’ argument as this bear, here’s your big chance to sweep right past that little issue and win the bigtime: convince me that there is, indeed, a God.
If there is a kind and benevolent deity watching over us all, then rumor from Ain’t-It-Cool-News will prove true, and become reality:
News hit these green shores this morning which seems to solves the problems of the world – or at least a few sci-fi franchises.
On one hand, The BBC want to continue ‘Doctor Who’ but up the budgets, which isn’t feesable without an American audience.
On the other hand, Anthony Stewart Head wants to spend time in the U.K with his family, but loves the cult audience that ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ brings him. With t Whedon and the BBC STILL to announce a date for ‘Watcher’ ‘Giles’ or ‘Ripper’ – he may have found the perfect answer…
in a feat of impreccable casting, someone decided to put those hands together and consider something that makes this fanboy sign in post-orgasmic fullfillment: Giles taking on The Daleks!!!

Giles and Doctor Who?
Yes, please!
(PS – Yes, I am a ranting fanbear; get over it… what, I’m only allowed to post about horrible diseases and deep arguments on the nature of our society? Phlpht! to that…)