Meeeeeeep Meeeeeeeep.

directs us to this charming tidbit on the IDF’s web site, which is allegedly a transcript from a Hamas chatroom. Guess the subject. No, really, guess.
How to murder American civilians in cold blood?
Participants in a chat- forum of the official Hamas website have discussed ways and methods to murder American citizens.
What appears below are their comments, as found on the site.
1. Al- Awsad (user number 1): Once a week, a group of American “dogs” come near us on the sea front. I have been following them for a long time and am interested in your suggestions for ways to get rid of them secretly.
2. Salam (user number 2): If they arrive in a private car, put a large amount of sugar in the gas tank of the car. Then, you can ambush them on the way back because the car will get stuck in the way. You will have many options to get rid of them. You can run them over on the road, after they abandon the broken down car. You can put a trap on the beach if they tend do a a lot of walking. If you have people with you and 4 cars, you can stop them at a certain point on the road, at a traffic light for example, block them from all directions and burn them in their cars using a Molotov cocktail.
3. MSKZ (user number 3): Read Koran verses on them and then kill them one by one, after you have made sure they are Israeli American tyrants.
4. Al- Awsad (user number 1): Thank you all very much, but I would like to get rid of them quietly.

Now, this is horrible stuff, assuming its genuine, of course. But am I the only one to note a certain Wile E. Coyote – esque aspect to this discussion? I mean, I half expected the next suggestion to be to drop an anvil on their heads…