Pssst. Hey You. Wanna Design a Spec?

Hey you.
Yeah, you.
You a geek?
Shhh. I won’t tell nobody. S’okay, you’re with friends here.
Yeah? Good, good. First step to recovery and all that.
But listen — you want a hit of something strong?
Like, let’s-change-the-world-with-technology strong?
Oh yeah, I knew you did.
Then let me clue you in on the latest thing.
It’s called
Yeah, yeah, I know the name sucks, they’re fixing that. Nevermind that.
But its powerful stuff, man.
Designing metadata to describe weblogs across the planet.
Enabling search engines beyond your wildest dreams; find blogs by topic; geography; language, what-ever.
Looping in blogging tool providers to get their input and to get ’em to implement the stuff right in their tools — yeah, they’re talkin’ to the big boys.
XML, RDF, Dublin Core — it’s the real deal.
And its an open source effort: 100% pure. Only the good stuff.
Come on, man. All the cool kids are doing it.