Ask me a tough one

Hesiod spams me & others with a link to following challenge:
“THE DR. WEEVIL CHALLENGE: Here’s a rather simple challenge to all those who favor a war with Iraq: How about ponying up an extra 3% on your income taxes to pay for it? You don’t have to join the Marines and face down Saddam’s chemical-weapons tipped scuds. You don’t have to send members of your family to die in the Persian Gulf.
All you have to do is pay a relatively small surcharge on your income taxes.
Surely a war to prevent Saddam Hussein from blowing up Chicago or Houston with a nuclear bomb is worth that?

Sigh. I think he actually expects us to say “no”.
Yes, Hesiod, if my contribution were what would make the difference between us proceeding to depose a murderous dictator who is developing weapons of mass destruction and issuing threats against America as we speak, and, say, sitting on our hands and doing absolutely nothing while we wait for him to obtain those weapons, then yes, sign me right up.
I’ll pay, and do so gladly.
Any other questions?