Voices V

Simon: “Ezekiel 25:17 – We are the righteous men, the shepherds. The House of Saud demonstrates themselves to be evil men. The oppressed people of the world looking to us for freedom are the weak, the lost children. And those that that attempted to poison and destroy our brothers, well, we’ve laid a lot of vengeance upon them in Afghanistan, and we’re about to pay them a visit in their new homes in Iraq.”
Jay Reding: “To all those who perished… you shall always be remembered. To those who fight so that we may be free… you shall always be honored. To those who would harm this great nation…Justice is coming…”
WeekendPundit: “At 8:45 AM precisely, I spoke these words to my fellow employees, my friends, my fellow Americans… ‘We saw our tragedy bring us together rather than humble us. We did not tremble in fear as our enemies had hoped, but joined together, continued living our lives, worked to heal the wounds, and saw each day as a blessing instead of something to be endured…'”
Jason Rylander: “For me, it is always in music that I turn for comfort. Music is the one eternal sentiment, the medium through which the human and the divine meet…Whatever shall befall us individually and as a nation, let the blessings of love, music, and the memories of lives well lived be always among us. Be safe and godspeed.”
Jason Rubenstein: “To the men & women in uniform, some of whom are friends, or acquaintances, or fans who buy my music, all I can say is thank you.”