Voices VI

Devon: “Looking at the next 250 years I can see only one way out. We actually need world peace. We can no longer tolerate tyranny. It is a matter of survival. Only when all the countries of the world bar their gates to pirates can we achieve a measure of security.”
Jim Schwab: “I’ve been rather critical as of late of the ‘Invade Iraq NOW!’ stance, and I still am. I however am in no way critical of the ‘wipe out the terrorists’ stance. I support this fully… I want Al-Queada wiped out so our lives are safe and more importantly, the lives of our children and their children are spared from an atrocity such as this.”
Nick Denton: “I’ve put aside the New York Times, and spent most of the morning browsing Glenn Reynolds from this time last year… Foreigners forget: the US may be a young country, but it is an old democracy. And the foundation of that democracy is, not the formal separation of powers, but a race-memory which emerges in these posts from twelve months ago.”
Ken Layne: “It’s nerve-wracking in a way we’re used to, this waiting for the next strike. Earthquakes come to mind. We know they’ll happen, but we don’t know when or where. But earthquakes are just geology. Earthquakes don’t murder pilots in the sky and drive those planes into skyscrapers full of people. Earthquakes don’t target Jews at LAX. ”
Lynn Sislo: “One year after the event the shock has passed. My range is mostly submerged but surfaces frequently when I read more details about the events and the people involved or when I read what masquerades as rational thought, telling us that it was America’s fault, America deserved it, or that we have no right to mourn our own loss when there is suffering elswhere in the world.”