Trouble in Florida

alert issued on Florida highway
MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — Authorities closed a 20-mile stretch of “Alligator Alley,” south Florida’s primary cross-state connector, and detonated a package early Friday after stopping three suspects who they believe may have been plotting a terror attack in Miami.
The relevant questions to ask here are:
1) Why close 20 miles of highway if this was just a bunch of guys with some conventional explosives?
Possible non-alarmist answer: An excess of caution.
Disturbing, un-followed-up paragraph in CNN’s story:
Bomb squad investigators saw wires sticking out of a package in one of the cars, and used a water cannon to blow it apart, an official said. The package turned out to be medical equipment
2) If this is an isolated group not acting in concert with others across the country, why would they claim “They mourned on 9/11 and they are going to mourn again on 9/13.” ? What could they possibly destroy in Florida that would be that significant to us? (No offense intended to Miami, of course, it’s just not the first city I’d pick for major national landmarks to attack)
Possible non-alarmist answer: The suspects were either misquoted, misheard, or were just plain boasting above their game.
Stay tuned & be safe, all.