Now Open: TTLB Iraq Discussion Forum

I noticed that the page of my post on arguments against taking action on Iraq was exploding last night. So, it occurred to me that perhaps it would be useful to have a more well-organized forum for folks to discuss and debate these issues. Something like… well, a forum.
So, here it is. I set up a new forum this morning, and it is now open for use. I encourage everyone and anyone interested in this debate to join in.
Ground Rules are as follows:
– The forum is open access, so you can post without creating a user account, but if you intend to participate on an ongoing basis you can register if you choose.
– Any and all topics related to Iraq are welcome.
– Posting links to your weblog posts in the forum is encouraged, even if you are not otherwise actively participating in the forum discussions. Just as long as they are actually relevant!
Obviously, folks will continue to post their most significant pieces to their own weblogs, but I hope the forum will provide an avenue for those readers who don’t have blogs yet to share their thoughts, as well as providing a single spot for folks to go to read and find links to the latest & greatest arguments and news around this issue.
I’ve ‘seeded’ the forum with a few threads that I think represent some of the key aspects of the discussion; feel free to reply to them or go ahead and start your own if you have other areas on your mind.
No idea how this will be received, really, so let’s try it and find out. If the community seems to find it useful, great; if not, then I’ll probably take it down in a week or so.
Oh, and by the way: Thanks to Solonor and Robin Goodfellow for admirably representing the anti- and pro- war positions, respectively.