Iraq Forum: Coming Down Soon

I’m leaning towards dropping the Iraq Discussion Forum. It was an experiment, really, but I don’t think it’s attracting terribly much interest.
I was curious to see if there might be demand out there for a forum like this, but so far, looks like not. I suspect most weblog folks prefer to post on their own blog — and frankly, have had to force myself to post to the forum rather than TTLB proper myself. And those folks that don’t have blogs… well, if you don’t have a weblog at this point, you probably don’t care to write much and won’t like a forum either.
Anyway, if Andrew Sullivan, The Corner, Glenn, and Mickey all want to link to the forum and steer a huge amount of traffic at it, maybe it’ll take off, but if it stays at the current level of minimal posting, it’ll be gone by the end of the week.
Vote with your posts, if you want it to stay!