A Challenge:
Write your own National Security Strategy

As I mentioned below, I found myself quite impressed with the Security Strategy released by the Bush administration today.
I suspect, though, that many on the left, particularly those who presently oppose military action against Iraq, are likely to be less enthusiastic.
And so, I’d like to pose a challenge, in all seriousness and respect to my colleagues and opponents on the left in the Blogosphere: I ask that you write your own National Security Strategy, and show us where you would differ from the President.
I am interested far less in criticisms of Bush’s document, than I am in seeing a positive declaration of what your vision of a strategy to ensure the safety and security of our nation is.
Obviously, I don’t expect a 35-page document — but if you write it, I promise to read it. My only requirement is that it be written not as a reaction to Bush’s vision; not as a critique of it, but as a standalone, self-contained summary of your vision. Essentially, I want to see statements written as if you were President. Criticism is easy: the tough part comes in articulating what you would do, rather than pointing out the negatives in others proposals. And it is that challenge that I propose here.
I’ll promise a link to anybody who wants to participate on the front page, and as I said before, I’ll also commit to reading any entries, for whatever that’s worth.
I look forward to seeing responses…