Support Joss Whedon’s “Firefly”

So a brief break from the pointless stupidity of modern politics: let’s talk about tv shows with spaceships and guns!
Joss Whedon, of Buffy fame, gave us a new vision with and a striking vision it is. Great acting, strong writing, and a vibe to die for. It crept up on me slowly at first, but now, I’m hooked.
But unfortunately, after burying the program deep in the viewership hell that is an 8pm Friday timeslot, Fox has given up on the show.
Joss Whedon, however, has not: he is apparently hopeful that he can dock Serenity at a new home over at UPN.
So: I’d ask that all who are fans of this fine show take a visit to and start sending some postcards to UPN to urge them to pick up the show.
Thanks all!
Thanks also to Jim Carruthers and Tim Minear for pointing me in the right direction.