Mozilla = Good Blogging

Lair is excited because he’s discovered magic of Mozilla and how tabbed browsing can make your weblogging experience oh so much nicer.
Lair always was a bit slow to catch on, but we forgive him, because he amuses us.
Figured I’d chime in with my vote of approval: yes, Mozilla is cool for blogging. My standard setup is as follows:
Left Sidebar: panel
Tab 1: SiteMeter for Truth Laid Bear
Tab 2: MoveableType entry tab for posting to Truth Laid Bear
Tab 3: Truth Laid Bear Itself
Tabs 4-n: Browsing tabs for other weblogs
The real magic is the panel, which allows you to define a list of weblogs of interest, and then shows them in a nice, compact list sorted by their last update time. ( accepts pings directly and also grabs from, so it’s about as accurate as can be). Click on one of ’em, and it opens in the current tab.
About the only wrinkle in this setup is that yes, MoveableType doesn’t quite work 100% perfectly with Mozilla — you’ll lose the font-buttons in the entry screen. But I’ve found I can live with that (and continue to hope that someday, Mena and Ben will get around to fixing it or working around whatever Mozilla problem causes it).
I continue my quest for spiffy blogging technology, so I ask: what are your favorite toys?