A PMI-Certified Bear?

So as a part of the Seemingly Endless Job Search, I’ve concluded that it might be useful for me to obtain formal certification as a project manager from the Management Institute.
In my jobhunt, I have encountered a small minority of openings that are looking exclusively for PMI-certified managers, so obviously it would help with those, and it seems a nice extra boost to have on one’s resume in general.
Now, the issue is how best to do it. The requirements, as I understand it, are threefold: one, to have 4,500 hours of project management experience; two, to have 35 hours of formal project management education, and three, to pass the certification exam.
I’ve no problem with the first part; I hesitate to count how many (real, not billed) hours of experience I’ve had in my career, but it’s sure is heck a lot more than 4,500. And the exam shouldn’t be a problem: got a study guide today at Borders, and thus far, it seems pretty straightforward based on my consulting experience and my old firm’s standard practices.
The middle part, though, requires some investigation: I doubt I can show 35 hours of training, so I’ll have to go find some.
So: Any suggestions? I’m particularly interested in either online coursework or courses given in Southern California, obviously. And oh, yeah: it would be nice if it was cheap, too.
I’d also welcome feedback/thoughts from anyone who has obtained PMI certification: was it worth it? Any suggestions for how to go through the process?
Anyway, will keep y’all posted on how I decide to proceed; I’m sure you are waiting with baited breath…