Graphs on Internet Health

If you’re wondering just how bad an effect worm you’re hearing about has had, check out this page from Matrix, which shows all sorts of interesting graphs on the overall ‘health’ of the Internet.
As, ironically, that page itself may be hard to reach, you’ll see below a sample graph which shows ‘reachability’ of Internet sites over the past seven days. You can clearly see the spike downwards early this morning; good news is, it seems like the worst is over and we’re trending upwards back to normal levels.
I can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of this data, of course, but it seems to correlate logically with the descriptions of the worm attack.
Update: Here’s the Carnegie Mellon CERT report on the attack, which has more detailed / technical information than you’ll find in news reports. Dave Winer also has good coverage (link courtesy InstaGuy), and points to Slashdot, natch.