Welcome to Aurora Leigh

Cool! It’s rare that I catch a brand-new blogger on their first day. Well, it appears to be Aurora Leigh’s second day, technically, but close enough. And she’s to a fine start:
“You may have noticed that we’re the only Great Power around. There’s China for a regional power, though that shouldn’t bring a smile to any libertarian’s face, but mostly there’s just us. No European nation has meaningful capability to project force beyond its borders, and a number of them could defend those borders against a pack of well-armed Campfire girls. Russia has, um, issues. That leaves us to be the world’s policeman and I’m sorry you don’t like the sound of that but it’s a hell of a lot better than turning to the world and announcing that there is no sheriff in town, which is what you’re proposing.”
Somebody get this woman a seat at the big kids’ table, and some links, quick…