Rory Lee Says Playing Nice Isn’t An Option

Okay, two links for a new blogger in a week is a bit excessive, but I can’t resist piece by Aurora Leigh on liberals and opposition to deposing Saddam Hussein:
Earth to liberals: this is not a game… When you are in Kindergarten, and someone cheats, you go to the teacher. Well, guess who that is? That’s us. That’s not France, bartering their support to whoever will turn over the biggest percentage of their lunch money, and it’s not Germany, trying to emulate the bad kid so teacher and parents won’t notice that he’s having trouble learning to read. We are the authority of first and last resort because all those international authorities you want us to abide by get their power from our guns. And this game is a little too serious to call it off and send everybody home without first taking control of the Ba’athist bedroom and making sure that there aren’t any toys in there that aren’t recommended for their age group.
Everybody just blogroll her today (including you, InstaGuy) and we’ll all save a lot of time, m’kay?
Update: Hell and damnation. I forgot she’s on Blogspot, the original link was hosed. Just go to her front page.