Cross-Blog Iraq Debate: Call for Questions

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I am N.Z. Bear, and this is my humble weblog. The post you see below is from a grand experiment in which webloggers from the pro- and anti- sides came together for a structured debate to exchange ideas and argue their respective positions. I coordinated the pro-war side of the debate, and Down: The Left-Right Blog Opposing an Invasion of Iraq coordinated the anti-war side. The debate had several parts:
The Call for Questions
Publication of the Questions
Publication of the Answers
If you just want to cut to the chase, I suggest going right to the answers, as that’s where you’ll find the actual arguments made by myself, and many, many other webloggers.
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-N.Z. Bear
March 27, 2003

A few weeks back I proposed a cross-blog debate on Iraq. I’m pleased to announce that the folks at Stand Down: The Left-Right Blog Opposing an Invasion of Iraq have agreed to coordinate the anti-war side of the debate. And so: the game is on!
The process and schedule for the debate is as follows:
Today – Sunday 2/9: Each side in the debate will develop a list of five questions to be asked of the other side. As coordinator for the pro-war side, I will be accepting proposed questions here in the comments thread of this post. Additionally, I ask that those interested in the debate also comment on other people’s proposed questions, so that I can attempt to gauge which questions are most popular. (I might resort to a poll-widget towards the end of the week, depending on the volume of response). Similarly, Doctor Slack has opened a post at Stand Down to collect questions to be posed to the pro-war side.
Monday 2/10: The final list of five questions to be answered by each side will be posted both here and at Stand Down.
Monday 2/10 – Sunday 2/16: Any blogger who is interested in participating in the debate can do so by simply answering the questions appropriate to his or her position on their own weblog.
Monday 2/17: Doctor Slack and I will post a roundup of the responses from our respective sides.
So with that, the official question-solicitation period has begun! (Cue dramatic music). If you are a supporter of miltary action against Saddam Hussein and have questions you’d like to hear answered by the no-war crowd, submit your ideas here. And if you happen to be part of the no-war crowd, then head over to Stand Down and toss in your suggestions to stump the pro-war side.
I’ll start us off with a few proposed questions of my own:
– Given your opposition to military action against Iraq, what specific actions do you believe should be taken to deal with Saddam Hussein?
– Do you agree that the current Iraqi regime is in material breach of numerous U.N. resolutions, most recently Resolution 1441? If not, why not; and if so, how does this affect your opposition to military action?
– How, if it all, would a Security Council resolution endorsing a military strike against Saddam Hussein affect your views?
I look forward to hearing other folks’ ideas for thought-provoking questions, and to an interesting debate!
Note: I would welcome links to this post from as many bloggers as possible; I’d like to spread the word far and wide to ensure high participation and a vigorous debate. If you do feel inclined to link, please link to both this post and the corresponding one at Stand Down. Thanks!