Server Move In Progress

This post is on the new Hosting Matters site
Yup, TTLB is up and moving over to Hosting Matters. (It seems the thing to do these days). So if you observe any odd behavior in the next day or so, that’s probably why.
A question for the peanut gallery: I had to export all of my MT entries and re-import them over on the new site. After some pain, I’ve managed to do that successfully. But, I’ve realized that now all the URLs are different for the posts (MT doesn’t export/import the actual ID of a post).
If there is any way to do the export/import differently, I’d welcome suggestions. But my assumption is that there is not.
So, I’m looking for an easy way to remap selected posts (popular ones I know folks have linked to heavily and the most recent posts) from the old-permalinks to the new ones.
To facilitate this, I’ve put my new archives in an archive directory, whereas the old ones weren’t. So I’d like to be able to create a set of rules that map pairs like this:
And then have a default rule which, if none of the others applied, would redirect to the front page.
I’d prefer not to have to create a seperate .html file for each redirect, so I’m hoping perhaps there is an elegant way to use a mod re-write rule or other such magic to do this.
Any suggestions on best methods for accomplishing this?