Galeon issues?

Just had a report from a fellow running who indicates that TTLB doesn’t render correctly using that browser. It’s Unix-only, so I’m not able to test it directly myself. But it would be odd — I use Mozilla myself (Galeon is built on the same rendering engine) and don’t see problems.
Anyway, if you’re using Galeon, I’d appreciate feedback if you’re seeing odd stuff or whether all appears well. Screenshots would be doubly-nice if you want to be a real help. Thanks….
Update: The problem actually does appear in Mozilla as well. The issue appears when viewing TTLB in a non-maximized window, so there’s not enough room to show the whole width of the page in the browser. In IE, you can scroll left-and-right and see the whole page. But in Mozilla, you can’t scroll all the way left — the far-left of the page gets cut off.
Hmmm. I’ve no clue. Anybody with suggestions, chime in!