Predictions Watch

Ok, yet another reader-participation post. (Somehow my creative juices aren’t flowing, sorry.).
I’m looking to collect bold predictions which have already been made about the outcome of the war. These can be either pro- or anti- war; only limitation is I’d like to stick to near-term predictions about the immediate outcome of the attack on Hussein’s regime — long term speculation doesn’t count for this exercise.
It is too soon to begin reaching conclusions on the rightness or wrongness of such predictions — but I’m beginning to suspect that it won’t be long now. (See, I’m doing it myself! First prediction — N.Z. Bear: “It won’t be long now”.) And I think it is part of our blogospheric duty to be prepared to retroactively fact-check everybody’s ass — including our own.
Anybody is fair game: public figures, journalists, Big Media commentators, or of course, other bloggers. Direct quotes only, and include the date of the prediction where known. And of course, links to sources are highly desirable.
I eagerly await responses…