Meryl, Sullivan, and More Shameless Merchandise-Related Whinging

My old friend notes that I received a link from Andrew Sullivan over the weekend (thanks, Andrew!), commenting:
So let’s see now. My friend Da Bear, whom I set on his way to stardom, got a link from Andrew Sullivan, something which I have yet to achieve (well, unless you count the link from Andrew’s week on MSN, which, come to think of it, almost counts), and has also fairly consistently kicked my ass in average visits since, oh, five minutes after I launched him into the blogosphere. But am I jealous? No. Regretful? Not a bit. This is my friend. I am glad for my friend’s continuing success. (Repeat nine more times.)
Damned whippersnapper.

First, Meryl: I don’t know why people say bitterness in unattractive — you wear it so well! Downright sexy, if I dare say it.
Now, to the substance of your remarks. You note that I have “fairly consistently kicked [your] ass in average visits since, oh, five minutes after I launched him into the blogosphere.” Well, actually, I think mostly that’s not quite true — I’ve always had a lot of inbound links, thanks in large part to the Ecosystem, but I think my daily traffic numbers have often lagged behind yours.
So don’t feel too bad. Now as for the Sullivan thing: yes, I got a direct link from Daily Dish, making my Sullivan number 2. (Sullivan numbers, for those joining the party late, were meant to denote just how “connected” a blogger is to the great Andrew. The man himself has a number 1; anyone he directly links to has a number 2, and anyone they link to is a 3, and so on…) And you rightfully console yourself that at least Andrew chose to link to you from his Slate commentary; so maybe that gives you a Sullinumber of 2.5, or something.
But I fear I must remind you: he linked to me from that commentary too.
So does that make mine 1.5?
Perhaps; at any rate, I think it’s safe and logical to conclude that regardless, for Sullivan numbers (and perhaps other things), in some deeply scientific and precise manner, I am indeed 1.0 better than you. (I also, for the record, go to eleven).
None of this, however, consoles me over the fact that my perfidious and fickle readers have utterly failed to avail themselves of my fine merchandise, with a few extremely limited exceptions. I thought by adding the TTLB Teddy Bear and designer TTLB panties and thongs, I’d be able to please everybody. But apparently not… it appears TTLB shall have to revise its financial plan for the quarter, and perhaps delay the Lear to next fiscal year…