Late breaking Friday Suckup

Have I mentioned just how good is lately?
Having been slammed with real-work lately, my blog time has been limited. And one blogger I find myself consistently seeking out is the Mickster.
Why? The man’s one of the masters, if not the uber-master of the blogging form.
He’s not a columnist. He’s not an essayist. What he has mastered is the particular cadences and rhythms of short, sharp commentary interspersed with focused and relevant links. Kaus is the definitive example of the differences between print-media columns and blogging: you simply can’t replicate what he does on Kaufiles in print; without the connectivity and immediacy of the web, it falls apart.
Whether you agree with his viewpoints or not, you have to acknowledge the guy has this form nailed. And so, if you are a new blogger and want to see how it is done: read Kaus. Don’t try to be Kaus (the position is taken) — but watch the way he crafts his posts, and learn…