Showcase: Call for Suggestions

Folks –
Wanted to throw out an open call for feedback on the and how it is operating this first week. A little early, I know, but I’m already getting suggestions in email, and I’d actually rather have them posted here in a public forum so other folks can build on / react to them.
So: What seems to work well? What doesn’t? Is the layout readable / easy to use? Are the instructions clear and easy to understand?
Don’t hold back!
I’ve been thrilled with the level of response from new bloggers. I’ve been a bit disappointed, though, in the number of links/votes being cast. One minor, but hopefully helpful thing I intend to do to hopefully encourage more linking is create a link off the main page which will provide HTML code suitable for cutting-and-pasting that contains simple lists (Blog Name: Post Title) with appropriate hyperlinks for the full list of submisssions for the week. The idea being, that way you can just cut-and-paste the whole block, delete the entries you didn’t find interesting, and be ready-to-go to just drop that into your blog tool to link to the good stuff and cast your votes.
Other comments/suggestions are welcome, so dump them here…