Showcase: To Sort, Or Not To Sort. That is the question.

Ok, in my for comments on the Showcase, one suggestion has gained significant support that actually surprises me.
Currently, the list is presented sorted by who is currently in the lead — the blog with the most links appears at the top. Many folks, however, have suggested that the list be presented in random order or at least some other order than by number of links.
I’d like to open this thread, therefore, to call for a poll of anybody who’s willing to answer. Would you rather see:
a) the list stay sorted as-is, in descending order according to who’s in the lead
b) See it sorted completely randomly (possibly changing on each viewing to keep it shuffling around)
c) See it sorted by some other method (alphabetically, by blog start date, by submission date…)
Reply to this post with your take; let’s keep this thread specific to this particular issue, though; dump your more general comments in the general feedback post. Thanks!