The Great Rat Race

Solo and the ladies at Right We Are have decided to take competitiveness about Ecosystem rankings to a new level.
See the announcement at Right We Are, or at Jay’s place:
The Great Rat Race!
Think of it as Evolution In Action.
Right We Are! and Jay Solo are embarking on a quest for our missing links.
That’s right, it’s an evolutionary race. Here are the details:
Currently the two blogs are both Marauding Marsupials in the Blogosphere Ecosystem, and have generally ranked near each other in links. Currently Right We Are! is at 88 and Jay Solo is at 82.
There will be a handicap of 6 for Jay Solo, to make it an even start.
The winner will be the first to evolve into a Large Mammal, and remain one for ten days without devolving to a lower life form.
It’s that simple! Your links determine who evolves faster, so long as you are part of the evolutionary chain yourself. If you haven’t, you’ll want to list your blog with the Ecosystem so your link will count.

It would be, of course, inappropriate for me to choose sides in this particular contest (notice the exactly equal number of links to each site in this post). But don’t let that stop you! Pointless competitiveness — it’s a good thing!