Showcase: Catchup Week!

OK folks: as threatened, it’s catchup week for the Weblog Showcase!
Here’s the deal, for this week only:
– The entry period extends all the way back to March 1, 2003.
– A blog author can enter the Showcase this week even if they have entered previous weeks, as long as they did not get more than 2 votes with a prior Showcase entry.
– Usual linking rules still apply: you must link to three other competitors to be eligible to win. And blogrolling the Showcase itself is highly encouraged / politely requested, though not required.
Other than that, anything goes!
Keep in mind, though: this may cause a very crowded contest this week. So: if you are a really new blogger (who started sometime in April, May, or June), you might be best served waiting until next week’s contest, when the field will be smaller.