Ilyka Damen Wins; Blogger Alliance Retains Sponsorship

Congratulations to Ilyka Damen, who has won this week’s New Weblog Showcase with the post A Happy Epiphany.
In other news, the dread Blogger Alliance has retained the sponsorship of the Showcase for another week, turning out 21 of their 65 members (32.3 %) versus the Axis of Naughty‘s 5 of 24 members (20.8 %).
Full Showcase results are as follows:
Ilyka Damen: A Happy Epiphany
( 24 links)
DFMoore: Your Daily Dose of Pizzazz!: More on Moral Relativism
( 15 links)
Jim Lynch: Remembering 9/11
( 9 links)
Snooze Button Dreams: We Like Broccoli (or “Stupid Human Tricks”)
( 8 links)
MIXBAGOFMUSINGS: Tuesday, September 09, 2003
( 5 links)
argghhh!!: McDonald’s to Launch Adult Happy Meals
( 5 links) Aftermath–The New World 9-12-01
( 4 links)
Sequitur/Non: Clark’s AntiWar Credentials
( 3 links)
Forgotten Fronts: Kill the Imam.
( 3 links)
Tom’s Nap Room: Beatles take a bite out of iTunes
( 3 links)
Terrible Swift Word: Pathetic
( 3 links)
Crazy Thinking: The WTO disaster and the security threat within
( 3 links)
Bawstin Sports Pundits: Red Sox Nation
( 2 links)
Twothings Sites and Places of Interest: Twothings Sites and Places of Interest
( 2 links)
Perspective on the BS of TV Pundits: Tinsel Town Deficits
( 1 links)
Gold and Silver Blog: Mahendra’s Hurricane Isabel Prophecy
( 1 links)
The Enemy: “The Enemy” Brief Outline
( 1 links)