New Ecosystem Feature: Display Your Status!

With the great help of Lewis at Haired Boy, a feature I’ve long considered is finally available: the ability for bloggers to show their current Ecosystem status on their very own web pages.
If you are interested, go to the Ecosystem details page for your weblog, and you’ll find a small snippet of Javascript code to cut-and-paste into your blog. When you do, you’ll get a box that looks something like this:

The text is deliberately not formatted so that you can make it blend in with (or stand out from) your own weblog design as you wish. (The entire thing is surrounded by a DIV tag labeled Ecosystem, so you can use that as you will).
This is a first version of the feature; I’d welcome suggestions / requests for future enhancements. And many thanks to Lewis for coding the tough parts — all of it, really — for me!