Showcase Results: Morning Edition

Preliminary results for the Weblog Showcase have Irreconcilable Musings in a strong lead with the post Defending the Blogosphere Front in the War on Terrorism. Musings has 57 votes as compared to the nearest competitor, liberal favorite Hell for Halliburton, which trails at 42 links for the post Halliburton Again – and again – and again.
Contestants and other interested parties have until 5pm today to point out any perceived, alleged, or just plain wished-for anomolies in the voting, after which time I will certify the results. Press ‘More’ below for the full listing at this time.
In the Alliance contest for Showcase sponsorship, however, there seems to be no point in waiting. The League of Liberals comes roaring out of the gate in their first official week in the contest to deliver a staggering 100% (yes, 100%) participation rate among their 27 members. Full results are:
League of Liberals: 27 of 27 = 100.0 % participation
Blogger Alliance: 40 of 89 = 44.9 % participation
Axis of Naughty: 6 of 24 = 25.0 % participation
I am therefore declaring the League the winners for this week effective immediately, and their logo now hangs in the place of honor atop the Showcase. Congratulations to the League for their victory!

Full preliminary Showcase results:
Irreconcilable Musings: Defending the Blogosphere Front in the War on Terrorism
( 57 links)
Hell for Halliburton: Halliburton Again – and again – and again
( 42 links)
Demosophia: Totalitarianism 3.0
( 18 links)
Captain’s Quarters: Fareed Zakaria Loses It
( 10 links)
Sebastian Holsclaw: Pro Choice Debate
( 8 links)
the evangelical outpost: Seperate But Equal?
( 8 links)
Southern Musings: I Miss Lewis Grizzard
( 8 links) strolling
( 7 links)
Canadian Woods: Survivor: Panama – Episode 5
( 7 links)
Leah Guildenstern: Rights and Property
( 7 links)
Diary of the Blue Ridge: Beauty, Pleasure
( 6 links)
Politics04: Hey look, FREE Healthcare!
( 6 links)
Drink this…: Correct this…
( 5 links)
coolmel’s iBlog: Flash Fiction: Axe of Compassion
( 4 links)
UF Federalist Society: Partial Birth Abortion Ban Passes Senate
( 4 links)
apropos of something: So not funny it’s funny. Or not.
( 4 links)