New Cutoff for Showcase Entries

Ok folks, I’ve noted some of the feedback on previous thread, and will be making a few changes to the showcase over the next week.
The first, and immediate, change, is that the cutoff for submitting entries to the Showcase will now be end-of-day Friday each week. Preliminary results will be posted Monday mornings as has been usual lately, and the results will be certified and final Monday evening, with registration for the next week’s contest beginning the next morning.
So, that gives Tuesday-Friday for contestants to submit, the weekend for everyone to make their final decisions and cast votes, and Monday for the actual final counts and announcement of the winners.
I’m open to argument on whether this is the exact best schedule, but I thought this was a reasonable balance.
Secondly, starting next week, I will be splitting the Showcase into two categories: one for “political” entries, and the other for “non-political”. Classification will be entirely at the choice of the contestant themselves. From here on, both winners will share the place o’ honor atop the Ecosystem for the following week.
More feedback is welcome; let me know your thoughts…