11/17 Showcase Results

With Monday upon us, Ruminations in Korea leads the non-political Showcase, and And Then… appears to have taken the win for the political category.
And yes, the League is ahead again in the sponsorship contest by a strong lead.
Feedback accepted until 5pm today; click more below for full results.
Update: It’s official. Congrats to both winners and the League!

Ruminations in Korea: A Blessing and a Curse
( 38 links)
Collected Miscellany: An interview with John Derbyshire
( 12 links)
Bawstin Tech Pundits: TV On Cell Phones?
( 4 links)
Reykjavik: A Few Questions
( 3 links)
Sound Check: The School of Terrible Rock
( 1 links)

And Then…: Late Night With Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
( 61 links)
eTALKINGHEAD.com: Political Commentary: The Misleading Statements of a Misleading Misleader
( 26 links)
The Daily Ablution: David Lynch to Bring World Peace – ‘It Could Happen This Year’
( 19 links)
Open eyes, open ears, open mind: Let’s See Some OUTRAGE!!!
( 15 links)
Observations, Complaints and Lamentations: Catholics Out of Touch with the Real World
( 10 links)
The Shekel – Coins, Law and Commentary: A Guide to Collecting Ancient Coins – Part 1
( 5 links)
Showcase Voting Participation
Alliance of Free Blogs: 36 of 94 = 38.3 % participation
Axis of Naughty: 1 of 23 = 4.3 % participation
League of Liberals: 53 of 58 = 91.4 % participation