Barry’s Counterproposal

Barry has proposed a compromise solution in which he indicates he is willing to remove three of the four weblogs that remain in question (Savage Cruel Bigots, Hell on Halliburton, Treason Online, and Rush Limbaughtomy) from both the League of Liberals and the Ecosystem. This would remove the duplicate-SiteMeter counter issue, and would also address an equally important issue for me, which is the significant cross-linking between these blogs that artificially drives up their link-ranking in the Ecosystem.
(Barry made this proposal in e-mail, and included a to Savage Cruel Bigots indicating the post would continue there, but the link seems broken and the latest posts on his site don’t match what was sent in e-mail).
I’ll consider this proposal, however, it needs to be more complete. If Barry is willing to provide me a complete list of all of his blogs, and agree to only keep one in the Ecosystem, then this may be acceptable. I add this condition because, in addition to those we’ve already discussed, I believe that the following blogs which are registered in the Ecosystem and provide links to Rush Limbaughtomy are clearly his:
Bum’s Rush – Clearly labeled as “Page 2 of Rush Limbaughtomy”
Hoggs Online – Posts signed Aurabass, Barry’s e-mail name.
And the following group, all signed “BC”, also look like they are probably Barry’s:
The Pulse
Main Street
Open Template Testfile
If Barry provides that list, and gives his word to stick to a single weblog in the Ecosystem, then we may have a solution.
Update: Latest here.