Spring Cleaning in December

OK folks, promised, I put some serious effort into cleaning up the Ecosystem data this weekend, and major progress has resulted.
I have actually now gotten through the entire queue of change requests, and have also improved the self-service interface a bit to include better data validation (which makes it much easier for me to sweep quickly through the changes on the back end). In addition, I’ve done some surveys through the data to try to identify and eliminate duplicate weblogs (usually due to moves off Blogspot), and cleaned out quite a few of them.
Now, there were definitely some change requests that I wasn’t able to figure out, and almost certainly some that I just plain missed. So at this point, I’d ask for your help: take a look, and if you see a change you wanted made that hasn’t happened, please resubmit it. And please, use the ‘notes’ field on the request form if you’re doing anything but requesting the simplest of changes — it really helps me to hear exactly what you’re trying to do.
I’ve cleaned out the links database and kicked off a nonscheduled rescan which is running right now, so for the next few hours you’ll see screwy data on the individual weblog details pages. I’ll update here when it is done.
But once that’s complete, we should be in pretty good shape. Not perfect, by any means, but a heck of a lot better than it has been in a long time. So as I said: take a look yourself, as I’d welcome assistance in tracking down further areas where we can clean up.
Update 12/7 11am: Scans are done, all data should now be as accurate as it’s going to get — until you tell me what else needs changing!